Smoo Cave is a fully licensed Hotel serving a wide variety of refreshments from 12 Noon include tea, coffee and meals are available all day.



Anyone camping, whether it be by Motorhome, Caravan, Camper-van or Tent, staying locally or at the Campsite, is very welcome at the Smoo Cave Hotel.

We just ask that Motorhomes, Campervans and indeed those with Caravans, please refrain from blocking the hotel car-park, which is reserved for residents overnight parking and for visitors whilst they are taking refreshments. If you are unsure where to park, please check first with staff before settling down to enjoy your meal or a drink.

If you are coming to the Hotel from the beach please try to leave as much 'sand' outside, as possible!

For takeaway food, please call +44 (0) 1971 511 227

Breakfast is available in the restaurant for non-residents with a pre-booking. 

Please note the kitchen closes at 9pm, whilst the Bar closes at 11pm.



Campa is a useful resource for advice on the rules or best practices, for camping in the North Highland.

If you are thinking of walking anywhere, as some local estates have seasonal stalking and Cape Wrath has a live firing range, also check in case any of these are in progress before you go to these areas.



We encourage you to pay attention to the Outdoor Access Code and take the upmost care especially if you are venturing anywhere near sea cliffs or indeed when climbing a mountain.


If you are driving whether in a car, towing a caravan, in motorhome, in camper-van or on a motorbike or bicycle please pay attention and obey the Highway Code, road safety and vehicle rules. Equally remember to drive on the LEFT, keep your speed down and that you observe the 'single track road' etiquette of using passing places to let other vehicles pass and that groups of vehicles do not bunch-up together too much making passing impossible. Please also do not park in passing places nor obstruct roads and gates.


This is a special place, respect others wishing to use the area at the same time. 


A word of warning: whilst there are many great sweeping bends for driving, there are equally the same number of blind corners, hidden summits and too often you will encounter oncoming traffic in the centre of the road, leaving you nowhere to go. Beware about low sun in your eyes, stay safe, keep your wits about you and your speed down. Thank you for driving carefully.

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